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Tao of SEO – SEO Philosophy

You undoubtedly take your business seriously. There are ideals that you strive to maintain in your workplace. These ideals make up your philosophy, and it is the key to unlocking the pathway toward success.

Our company is in the search engine optimization business, and there is a path we follow that provides our SEO clients with success. This path toward successful SEO sometimes changes, such as when Google updates their algorithms. If you employ search engine optimization plan as part of your own business philosophy then you are likely familiar with some of these updates – Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird just to name a few.

The path toward SEO success can be tricky to navigate, especially when updates such as Penguin cause your business to stumble. However, just because you fall, it doesn’t mean that you give up on your ideals.

No. You pick yourself up and continue on, doing your best to avoid further pitfalls. If you’ve suddenly found your search engine optimization path blocked off, we can help you recover. We’ve designed a new path toward Penguin recovery that stems from our successful SEO philosophy, and we can guide you as you navigate this brand new world.

At LinkHelpers, we have been helping businesses just like yours succeed since 1995, and it’s because we have stood by our SEO philosophy even when obstacles have appeared on that path.

The Tao of Search Engine Optimization & The Path to Timeless Rankings

Tao (pronounced DOW) is a Chinese word translated as a path or route. Some even call it the “way.” It has a looser definition in the western world that means doctrine or principle, but for many it simply means “philosophy.”

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the method of improving a website’s ranking on the popular search engines, so that they naturally appear toward the top of the search results page when a query is made. There are many paths that one can follow when planning an SEO strategy, but few will lead to success. This is why so many websites are currently faced with the need to develop a Penguin recovery plan to get their SEO strategy back on the correct path.

Indeed, successful search engine optimization is dependent on an organized and skillfully executed approach designed to improve a business’ bottom like.

We’ve developed our own philosophy when it comes to SEO, and it reflects our paradigm here at LinkHelpers, and our way of thinking. Our SEO philosophy directly influences the success of your website and, in turn, your business. When it comes to cases involving Penguin recovery, the situation is no different.

Successful SEO Should Be Like Water

We strive to convey the idea that search engine optimization should be like water. Why?

If you utilize SEO as part of your business model, then you understand why it’s important to rank on the search engines organically. Your ranking should seem effortless to the client, and to accomplish this, your SEO must be invisible.

Water always follows the path of least resistance – it flows downhill, and passes through solid rock. It takes the shape of any container, malleable and ever changing. The form ultimately determines the shape water will take – a glass or bowl, a lake or ocean.

Search engines like Google lay out rules that must be followed by a website for it to be superior. They provide guidelines that essentially become the form that SEO (water) must take. If we satisfy those guidelines we are practicing successful search engine optimization. When we don’t, we are left in a situation where Penguin recovery or Hummingbird recovery is necessary.

It used to be possible to rank a website via SEO using brute force. However those outdated techniques are why so many businesses are now scrambling to find a way to achieve a Penguin recovery.

Again, think of water – it is effortless, pure finesse, and follows the path of least resistance. It is much easier to follow Google’s guidelines when practicing SEO, finessing a website to the top of the rankings, because this is the path that is easiest to follow. This type of search engine optimization strategy will also reap long-term benefits, because when changes are made by Google you won’t have to work to recover anything. You are unscathe.

Googles algorithms are now built to enforce the guidelines that have been constant over the last decade, yet successfully following the guidelines comes down to good, old fashioned mathematics. At LinkHelpers, we developed our SEO philosophy around a complete understanding of the math involved with these algorithms using advanced econometric modeling. This is a vital part of deciphering the algorithms that describe the rules governing relevance and popularity in the search engine rankings.

We don’t guess when it comes to search engine optimization and Penguin recovery, because we know for a certainty what the search engines are built to hold.

The Keys to Successful SEO

There are keys that open doorways on the path to successful SEO and Penguin recovery. Walk with us for a bit, as we follow this path and open doors with the keys we created.

Page Relevance – The Key of Mathematical Precision

Our SEO philosophy dictates a pace that is deliberate and precise. The first key unlocks the doorway of keywords. We are not going to rank your website for 15 or 30 keywords because that is a foolish and unrealistic approach. It is best to focus on two or three key phrases and then precisely optimize for them.

Keywords are also an essential part of Penguin recovery because Google’s demotions were keyword specific. Successful Penguin recovery must focus on the keywords that are most useful to your business, which are likely the ones that cause you problems in the first place.

What are the optimal SEO densities for keywords on a written page? Other SEO Companies can’t give you solid answers because they don’t have the math to back them up. However, we can optimize any page with precision because we have an arsenal of proprietary tools at our disposal. Using advanced statistical models we have defined the logarithmic formula for precise phrase and word densities.

Links – The Key of Life

Links are the life-blood of any successful search engine optimization strategy. The rules governing links have recently changed, and it’s a big part of why businesses are struggling to find a path to Penguin recovery.

Links must follow the natural order of life, and we are one of the only SEO companies that have maintained this cornerstone philosophy since the dawn of search engine optimization, and it’s a large reason why we are so successful.

Not only is link source diversity important toward successful SEO, but keyword diversity is now vital to Penguin recovery. The Penguin updates have made the search engines smarter, and SEO companies that didn’t follow the guidelines of both link and keyword diversity are now paying the ultimate price, and their clients are feeling the pinch.

Links must follow an organic pattern that reflects randomness and diversity, both in their nature and within the constructs of time. Sudden bursts in your overall number of links are unnatural, and it’s why our SEO philosophy and Penguin recovery methods take time to bloom.

Dynamism – The Key of Change

The world we live in is dynamic and ever-changing. In little more than a century we’ve gone from the first light bulb to harnessing nuclear energy, from horse drawn carriages to rocket ships, and from Morse code to cell phones.

Dynamism is a key needed for SEO success because the search engine landscape is constantly evolving. Not only do you face new competitors in the marketplace every year, but you must also be able to alter your SEO strategy when necessary.

Businesses that were successful with their SEO and rested on their laurels are now panicking and wondering how they can complete a successful Penguin recovery. However, we saw the changes coming and helped our SEO clients weather the storm. Indeed, complacency is a killer.

Cyber Markets – The Key to Developing Ongoing SEO Success

Keywords themselves are actually markets – cyber markets with a certain number of buyers and sellers. The best keywords or phrases are ones that have the least competition with the highest search volumes. It might seem tempting to try and target the search terms that generate the most traffic, but these highly competitive search terms could take months to harness.

Again, the path of least resistance dictates a better, smarter approach to SEO. The key to opening the doorways to cyber markets is to start with the less competitive search terms that still have value, and then work our way up to the more challenging search phrases. This allows us to deliver results with gradually increasing value.

Because so many businesses were hit hard by the Penguin updates, there are many new and exciting opportunities to target search terms that were previously out of reach. Whether faced with a Penguin recovery or just starting out with new website, there has never been a better time to invest in SEO and target the juiciest cyber markets.

Our goal at LinkHelpers has always been market dominance, and it is our job to determine the best keyword permutations for your business, and then dominate the search results page for those queries.

Quality – The Key to Conversion

At the dawn of the World Wide Web, people were fascinated with the new technology and the term “web surfing” was coined. However, today people don’t surf the web as much as they are professional users.

Web users now utilize search engines to gather information – from research for a school paper to finding the best price for a flight. Because of this we are experts at filtering out useless information quickly by discarding irrelevant information. When you conduct a search and get 800,000 results, how many are you really going to look through?

When you finally find a page that looks promising, how long will stay there if you don’t find what you’re looking for? Most people don’t stay long – 70 percent of site visits are less than 30 seconds. People also rarely enter a site through the home page, but rather access the site via one of its many pages.

These are called “entry points,” and they much like the doors we use in our own home. Understanding this is vital to SEO success. With only 30 seconds to make an impression, how a web page is perceived is vital. Without converting successful SEO and high search engines ranking to actual sales, then there is ultimately little point in ranking the site to begin with.

This underscores the fact that a successful SEO philosophy must also be planted firmly in the real world where perceptions can be more important than substance. The design and usability of your site will play a major part in whether your SEO strategy is ultimately successful, so your inner pages should be optimized and information must be used in a way that grabs the reader’s attention.

These elements include color, design, and graphics, and you must ensure that your site generates the perception of professionalism in every detail.

We Want to Develop a Relationship with You

Our SEO philosophy has stood the test of time because it was developed with care, ingenuity, and hard work. When updates like Penguin and Hummingbird come around we don’t have to change our philosophy because it’s sound. If you’re in need a Penguin recovery or just plain good SEO, we can help. These updates have been developed to put more teeth into guidelines that were already there. People chose to ignore those guidelines and now they are paying the price.

We have sites that rank at the top of Google’s search engines that have been there for 12 years, from the time Google was in its infancy. This is because our philosophy is the same now as it was then.

Life is built upon relationships forged from mutual trust, and when these relationships work everyone reaps the benefits. When you succeed, so do we. We can only grow and become stronger if our clients do the same.

Look around and see how many Seattle SEO Companies have been around for five years, or even 10. Our partnerships speak for themselves, and we will help you make money.